The Future of the TMN Global Ecosystem

TMN Global would like to constantly develop and enrich the project with innovative products from the tangible asset world and the latest cryptocurrency trends. We have several products in the background, which we are already analyzing and working out. After a successful ICO, we would like to add the first new products to the roadmap and add more value to the TMN Global network. The evolution of the dashboard comes in line with the establishment of the Stable Coins.

Initially, TMN Global uses the Ethereum blockchain network to offer its services to interested parties such as individual buyers, HNIs, institutional investors, venture capital firms, and the underlying companies. It implements all transactional activities on a trusted, transparent, and immutable blockchain network, ensuring maximum transparency and customer protection.

TMNG Tokens

TMN Global has developed an Ethereum-based smart contract for the initial issuance of its tokens to potential investors. It is a payment token on the TMNG network.

TMN Global Stable Tokens and an own MainNet with Wallet

TMN Global Stable Token, like TMNG Token, will also be a blockchain-based token, with the difference that it will act as a stable medium for exchanging and storing value. This token will be launched in 2024 and will have 1:1 backing against the strategic assets of partner companies.

As TMN Global strives to offer an ecosystem, management plans to create its own wallet to support both the TMN Token and the TMN Stable Token. The wallet will provide blockchain explorer APIs to other wallet providers, helping users keep a current balance of tokens, conduct peer-to-peer exchanges of value, store tokens, and spend them via merchants.

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