Burning Mechanism & Treasury

The project will acquire and burn TMNG tokens from public trading, generated profits, commodity buying/selling, and storage fees. The term "burn" means in the cryptocurrency world that a part of the total amount of tokens is withdrawn, and thus the token develops a deflationary character. We will add future fees and revenue sources to the calculation. A part of the profit will be used with this process and stored for the TMN Global project to drive the price and set up the project in a sustainable way.

In this process, TMN Global will take 15% of the profits for burning, and 10% will be invested in commodities and added to the TMN Global treasury. The treasury section that documents and updates the purchase of the tangible assets will be implemented in the dashboard.

TMN Global plans to introduce token burning and commodity storage the 1st time after TMN Global store is established. Every three months, TMN Global will repeat the process and make it public. TMN Global will publish the profits of the TMNG project and take the 25% for both items.

After purchasing the TMNG tokens, the team will send the tokens to the known 0x0 Ethereum Address and share the Transactions ID along with the Burning Report.

The 0x0 Ethereum address is also used by other projects to burn the tokens. No one owns a private key of the 0x0 wallet, and all tokens transferred here disappear from the total amount of TMNG (start: 500,000,000). Eventually, the burning mechanism stops at 200,000,000 tokens.

We will publish the complete process on the homepage in our Burning Report.

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