About us - Our Mission and Vision


TMNG is a Swiss-based financial company that strives to leverage modern blockchain infrastructure and offer a digital asset whose value is derived from its acceptance by the physical assets of partner companies.

The Zug location is known in the scene as Crypto Valley Zug. Switzerland offers us crypto-friendly laws and quick adaptation in terms of rapid developments in cryptocurrencies. Due to this, many specialists have settled in the region, which we and our project rely on.

Our Vision

The TMNG team consists of early adopters of Bitcoin who are aware of the issues users face when dealing with traditional payment methods and cryptocurrencies. The leadership team has a vision to offer TMN as a solution for existing payment methods and drive the adoption of blockchain-based digital assets by providing them utility and stability.

The Mission

To be the leading digital asset with real value, enabling efficient and cost-effective payment processing. To make our Strategic Metals globally accessible to the world based on Blockchain technology.

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