Technology & Rare Earth Metals are not easy to come by for the every day person. However, you are using them right at this very moment, and you use them everyday. Smartphones, high-speed internet, and artificial intelligence are just a few of its uses. Prominent entrepreneurs and tech influencers like Elon Musk would not have a business without them. This is where we introduce TMN Global, a state-of-the-art platform with a blockchain-based business model.

TMN Global has a binary token model with the TMNG Token as the primary token. The holders of TMNG can exchange the tokens for tangible assets such as precious and rare earth metals or trade them on the platform. When these assets are purchased using TMNG, they are physically stored in bonded warehouses in Germany & Liechtenstein. In this regard, TMN Global provides a bridge to cryptocurrencies and strategic assets from the financial industry.

The partner companies of the TMNG project provide these assets in the TMN Global Shop. The Assets in the TMN Global Shop are the first use case of our TMNG ecosystem. They will be implemented virtually into the dashboard of the project. After successful implementation, TMN Global plans to issue Stable Tokens backed by strategic assets. This will be done with the cooperation of the Swiss Authorities, so our Stable Tokens meet all laws and prerequisites demanded from the governmental side. The TMN Global Shop is just the beginning of the TMNG ecosystem.

Once we deploy the TMN Global Shop, the burn and safe process will be integrated into our system. With our Burn and Safe Process, we are actively reducing the total amount of TMNG and creating a Treasury for the safety and reserves for our company and its projects. This whitepaper provides a detailed description of our research and planning. It intends to show the current status and plans of the TMN Global platform, related products such as the online shop, and solutions. It aims to inform our readers how we are leveraging the expertise of our 2 team to provide a digital asset platform with inherent value and a future stable token.

The TMNG token hopes to serve as a decentralized medium for purchasing and covering fees associated with storing physical assets faster and more efficiently. With the increased use of our platform, the decrease of TMNG in circulation (due to the burning), and the expansion of our ecosystem, the token has the potential for further value increase.


TMN Global = Our state of the art platform

TMNG = TMN Global Token

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