TMN Global Shop

TMN Global has a specialized online shop where TMNG token holders can use their TMNG tokens to to purchase physical assets from partner companies directly. The Dashboard and TMN Global Shop will evolve on an ongoing basis. In the first stage, the dashboard will merge with the vault holdings of all TMN Global customers. We will then virtually post the tangible assets to the owner's dashboard. The customer has control over the assets from within the dashboard.

In the second stage of development, we will upgrade the TMN Global Shop into a coin store. The TMN Global project uses the revenues to finance the establishment of Stable Coins according to regulatory requirements. To ensure complete transparency, the dashboard merges with the vaults and later with the blockchain. The dashboard maps 1:1 to the actual value in the vaults. If the customers are present when the vaults open up, they can read the value from the app and compare it with the auditing. The complete design of each product (e.g., storage costs) will be announced upon implementation.

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