TMN Global will have a programmed dashboard. The dashboard’s purpose initially is for the launch of the ICO and the distribution of the tokens. Here, customers will have to register according to applicable KYC and AML laws and will be able to participate in the ICO at the beginning.

The dashboard will serve as a command center for the user and the team. After a successful ICO and the tradability of TMNG on various Exchanges, the first products of the partners will be entered (Basic Metals and Strategic Metals).

For this purpose, the team is setting up the TMN Global Shop in the back office. This area will be constantly developed. In the beginning, it will show the current rate of TMNG; with the first products in TMN Global Shop, the customers will be able to pay for the products in TMN Global.

Also, there will be overall statistics in the dashboard with all stored values. Thereby the dashboard forms a virtual 1:1 mapping of the assets in the vaults of the project.

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