Partners The partner companies play an essential role in the TMNG business model. The physical assets of the companies, primarily precious metals, and rare earth metals, are accessible to TMNG token holders as investment vehicles. This gives TMNG token holders the potential backing and benefits 270.000.000,00 Private Sale and ICO 30.000.000,00 Stable Token and Blockchain 90.000.000,00 Founders 30.000.000,00 Exchange and operativer Supply 40.000.000,00 Strategic Partner, Team and Advisors 40.000.000,00 Marketing Token Allocation Private Sale and ICO Stable Token and Blockchain Founders Exchange and operativer Supply Strategic Partner, Team and Advisors Marketing 25 that are rare in the existing cryptocurrency landscape. In the following section, all partner companies are briefly introduced.


Based in Eschen (Liechtenstein), the EMH AG was established in 2010 and specializes in technology metals and rare earth metals such as Indium, Hafnium, Dysprosium, Germanium, and Neodym. They provide investments in rare earth and technology metals at wholesaler terms for average customers.

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