Introduction TMNG

TMN Global operates as a company that is redefining ownership, storage, and custody of digital assets using blockchain technology. TMN Global is a cryptocurrency platform that provides a token based on the Ethereum blockchain (since Decembre 2023 on Polygon), called TMNG. With TMN Global, you can buy technology metals and rare earth metals - physically stored in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, and Triesen, Liechtenstein. We are happy to be one of the first cryptocurrencies to offer this very exclusive opportunity to the crypto community.

TMN Global lets you buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium stored in Liechtenstein or invest in technology metals. At its core, it offers an ecosystem managed directly by TMN Global through the company EREA World AG. EREA World AG (based in Zug, Switzerland) offers its portfolio of products from EMH AG (trading investments in rare earth and technology metals, as well as trading precious metals such as gold and silver).

TMN Global leverages the power of blockchain, cryptography, and tokenization to create a binary token model that strives to overcome the challenges of the traditional financial landscape.

The TMNG token underpins the TMN Global ecosystem as it will be the sole medium of exchange against tangible assets. Due to its limited amount, 500,000,000 TMNG and a burn-back mechanism, the TMNG Token has a growth potential regardless of the performance of the tangible assets. However, with further development of our TMN Global platform, we plan to offer a stable token backed by strategic assets after the TMN Global Shop is established.

The following section describes the two main products offered by the TMN Global ecosystem. The TMNG Token and our TMNG Global Shop.

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