Strategic Metals

The Strategic Metals are our unique products of the TMN Global project. With the help of our partners, we can provide an extremely rare supply. Strategic metals, rare earth, or so-called technology metals are the drivers of our industry and technology. With the triumph of computer technology, the technical equipment of the world population has changed. Cell phones, autonomous cars, machines, artificial intelligence, big data, smart homes, and much more are based on highly complex computer systems. The turnaround in mobility and energy production makes many of the metals indispensable for further technological progress.

The growing world population and increasing prosperity are doing the rest. The simple private investor cannot participate in the current dynamics without a partner like EMH-AG. EMH-AG offers a so-called basket or basket system designed according to different sectors: Premium, Eco, and Future. The Premium Basket bundles the most important and rarest metals. The Eco Basket focuses on renewable energies. The most important metals of the space, computer (artificial intelligence), and electronics industry are found in the Future Basket.

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