Gold – for millennia, the symbol of wealth

Gold, silver, platinum belong to our basic metals. Basic, because the trade with these metals has been established. The metals are stored in Liechtenstein and are ready for sale from there. The metals

Due to its color, luster, and rarity, gold has always been appreciated. Even today, it has lost none of its fascination. Gold is in particular demand as an investment in the form of coins, bars, and jewelry. Because of its physical properties, it also has a firm place in medicine, electronics, and the IT industry. In monetary terms, physical gold is a liquid tangible asset and thus a safe hedge against inflation.

Gold is not tied to a promise of payment from a bank or government. Unlike money, it cannot simply be increased by a central bank decree, which is what is happening dramatically in the financial crisis. On the contrary, since deposits are limited, the extraction of gold is becoming more and more costly. On the other hand, demand is rising permanently. The current state of gold's supply and demand is another reason why experts expect the price of gold to rise in the long term.

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